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Response and responsibility

2015-05-04 10:10:44
Today morning, we've been openly discussing the current state of and plans for openSUSE. Without many people knowing, openSUSE is doing an amazing job by packaging very recent and high quality software in light speed, thanks to openQA and OBS, the Open Build Service. Both are very great tools, and both allow us to advance and save a huge amount of time. They are like emerald and diamond castles.

Now that openSUSE has opened the doors to these castles, the need to prepare the paths that lead there arises and is right now becoming very urgent. The wiki needs updates and maintenance, and the board members understand that. The website is about to be relaunched, and it demands content, which unfortunately isn't all there yet. They are aware of that fact as well. And they say: We have to work on that. And we need people!

Establishing a platform for (new) contributors requires hard and tedious work, which you can actually help with.
If you love openSUSE, you just tried it, or you would like to take a look at it, please go ahead - contribute, give feedback, download and boot the iso images! And remember: Have a lot of fun!