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2015-05-10 23:09:06
On my way back home from oSC15, I met a nice German girl in the train and couldn't resist chatting with her. When she asked what I've actually been doing in the Netherlands, I told her that I had attended a conference about Linux and stuff. She's been running Ubuntu on her laptop for quite some years, she said, and that many of her friends do so as well. "Everyone by now knows Ubuntu, right?", she replied when I was curious how she got in touch with it. But she had never heard about openSUSE until then.
I started asking myself if the community was willing to change that by opening up and telling the world that the project is still alive. I'm very confident that the new website will help spreading the word, but there's way more to be done: Wake up, activate, help improving the wiki, invite your friends and enemies, and get ready for the next release!